Value #1

of faith

We believe in the Trinity: God The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit as The One and Only God.

Value #2

of Salvation

We believe salvation (Eternal Life) is freely given by God to anyone who believes/has faith that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and then resurrected from the grave.

Value #3

of Scripture

We believe that the Holy Scripture (The Bible) is inspired by God and is the primary basis for all actions within the church.  It is profitable to man in teaching, rebuking, correction and training up in righteousness.

Value #4

of Church

We value unity within the Church as demonstartion by corporate worship, prayer and fellowship; while appreciating the freedom of unique individual differences and expression.

Value #5

of Values

A healthy church values personal responsibility and accountability while promoting the Christian characteristics of forgiveness, repentance, honesty and humility; communication and operations should be performed in an open transparent manner.

Value #6

of Family

We believe church should be family friendly, warm loving, with a foundation built on strong personal relationships..


Value  #7

of Works

In appreciation of our salvation which only comers through God's gift of grace, we desire to do 'Good Works'


We are working to help revitalize and coordinate our body of believers to a greater, loving, and more spiritual journey towards the visions that God has set before us.


To see God's love growing and working in all people while pursuing Godly relationships inwards, outward, and upward.